Cascade Ice Sparkling Water CLEAN. CRISP. DELICIOUS an avalanche of flavors!.




Michael Hepworth


By Michael Cohan

Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)7/12/12/—There have been many reviews and facts revealed lately so I will give you the short and skinny when describing the new Cascade Ice sparkling waters and how they deliver an avalanche of flavors!.  In total, there are 31 varieties of which my friend and I tested two of their mixers, the Margarita and the Cosmopolitan.

They are low in calorie Sodium Free. Caffeine Free. Gluten Free. and will burst your senses that you’ll take notice when paired correctly with our other friends, tequila and vodka!  Enjoy the ice cold Cascade fix, try them any way you want it!






Cascade Ice Cosmopolitan

Cascade Ice Margarita
Cocktail Mixer
17oz. case (12 bottles)

CLEAN. CRISP. DELICIOUS.Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

Sodium Free. Caffeine Free. Gluten Free.
Cascade Ice is available in 3 categories
and 31 great tasting varieties.


Michael Hepworth

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