Riazul Anejo and Arta Tequila Stand Out with a peppery taste, the triangular bottle

Riazul Anejo and Arta Stand Out

The continued emergence of high end tequila –

By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood, CA(Spiritsman)5/30/12/—This seems to be the year of the higher end Tequila, and no wonder, anyone with half a brain is quickly tiring of the handful of well-known brands you see on the supermarket shelves. Sales of premium tequila have risen by about 16% this year and Riazul Anejo Tequila gets a strong thumbs up from this writer and at $54.99 is now my tequila of choice. The aging period of two years in European Oak barrels formerly used for brandy or cognac, gives it the very smooth taste reminiscent of anise and butterscotch.

The Houston based tequila is only available in a handful of states at the moment, but this is one premium brand well worth tracking down. True there has been a lot of hype especially in Texas through the social media world, but this drink from the Jalisco Highlands lives up to it.

Arta Tequila is brand new from 2010 and the tequila is worth purchasing alone for the bottle. Smooth with a peppery taste, the triangular bottle will adorn any bar with its artistic design. This tequila is 80 proof and is a “single ranch” tequila which ensures the consistency. The silver is reasonably priced at $40, Reposado $50 and the Anejo $60, and the third generation master distiller only uses the handcrafted distilling method.

Hornitos is another brand gaining a lot of ground in 2010 and falls into the premium category where sales are outpacing standard and super-premium. Being part of the Sauza family has obviously helped, since the family was one of the very first to import tequila into the USA. Bartenders and mixologists seem to have taken a strong appreciation of Hornitos to their work, saying it works really well with margaritas.


Let’s not forget the emergence of Avion tequila, helped greatly by the inclusion in the hit television series ‘Entourage.’ Created by former Seagram executive Ken Austin, Avion is crafted by a master distiller in the small town of Jesus Maria and is filtered ten times longer than traditional methods. It seems to be an “all purpose” tequila, perfect for sipping, shooting and mixing, according to brand president Jenna Fagnan. The priceless free publicity on HBO has catapulted sales through the roof even at a price ranging from $44.99 to $56.99.


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